We’re exactly the kind of business that Langley tends to produce: fiercely proud to be local, and dedicated to helping the place we call home thrive. 

When our founder and principal Allen MacCallum started his career as a lawyer, Langley was that quintessential small farming town. As Allen created the partnership that evolved into MacCallum Law Group LLP, our community grew by strides. But with every decade, the relationships that made our firm what it is today remained strong and real—the way small-town, no-nonsense friendships often are.

As Langley continues to grow, we’re proud that its movers and shakers continue to find a deeply experienced yet approachable legal partner in us. Rather than a hectic drive downtown, they get a friendly local visit at an office where the big trucks park for free and coffee’s always on.

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Our clients connect with us during the great highs and lows of their lives. That isn’t lost on us.

So, whether you’re on the brink of an exhilarating business opportunity or an emotionally taxing estate planning process, we’re here to make it an efficient, effective, and even enjoyable experience. Nothing gives us more pleasure than hearing a client say, with surprise in their voice, “That was actually fun!” We go beyond the standard and provide our clients with an experience and solutions that are as unique as the people involved.

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“Firm. Team. Clan”: inspires our culture and our approach to doing business —our work takes group effort and shared goals.

We always bring our A game; that’s what gets results. We keep it local, serving our community with pride. Our clients are our business—we don’t forget why we’re working so hard. We see our firm as a clan; we’re families that come together to form a community. These are the principles we never lose sight of.

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Everyone is contributing to make this firm strong.

- Joanne


Over time, we’ve come to realize one of the best ways to help our clients is to do what we do best, not do it all. We’re not afraid to work collaboratively with other advisors to ensure the best solutions are delivered for our clients.

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How you build a business determines more than just profits—it impacts the quality of life in a community.


Commerce is the lifeblood of any community. We’re proud to say that when we take a look at the flourishing business culture in Langley and beyond, we see a legacy of MacCallum Law Group’s work with business clients.


It’s one of the most difficult jobs you might ever be called upon to do. Estate administration is the work we do to honour our loved ones and protect our families in the wake of great loss. We consider it a great privilege to support you in this work.


An estate is about so much more than just money. It represents the hard work of family or team members, often over generations. It represents the care that people take to protect and provide for one another.


We’re one of the preferred legal partners for innovative credit unions, established financial institutions, brokers, and realtors across the region. Our dedicated conveyancing team assists individuals, companies, developers, and lenders alike in Langley and beyond.


A mortgage investment corporation is an outstanding way for smaller investors to leverage into a dynamic residential real estate market. Because we understood this over thirty years ago, today we are one of the most experienced law firms acting for and establishing mortgage investment corporations in the region.


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