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Celebrating Stacey Gallie: Twenty years of accuracy, compassion, and presence

Celebrating Stacey Gallie: Twenty years of accuracy, compassion, and presence

Posted on 13.08.2021

It’s not that uncommon for MacLG clients to have long gaps between the times they need our services—especially estate, probate, and elder care clients. And when they call back after, say, fifteen years or so, the same paralegal is picking up the phone: Stacey Gallie.

“I often get people saying, ‘Wow, you’re still here!’” laughs Stacey. “People know they have someone to come back to. That feels special.”

Those clients know it and so do we: Stacey is a woman of her word. When our founder Allen MacCallum first interviewed her in 2001, she said she was looking for a place to retire from.

“Honestly, I’m a very loyal person.”

Stacey’s career as a paralegal began in 1984. From then until now, she’s gathered a profound wealth of expertise spanning several areas of law. She’s also coordinated the transfer of will records from past mergers—a delicate, exacting project. As our Designated Paralegal for the wills and estates team, she truly delivers the best of herself, every day.

What is that? It boils down to three words for Stacey: accuracy, compassion, and presence. It takes an exceptionally unique person to combine these three traits, which is why not many people become paralegals of her stature and longevity.

“When it comes to delivering service, everything is important,” Stacey explains. “It’s a bundle of strengths, none more important than the others. Everything has to be accurate, of course. And you also need to show up for clients, and really be there with a lot of compassion.”

Stacey can remember a lawyer she used to work with at a former firm who answered emails while he was with clients. He served as an example of the kind of service provider she didn’t want to be.

“I deal in wills, estates, estate planning, elder care. It’s all about people and what they’re going through. When people come to us looking for estate services, they’re vulnerable. And it’s not a one and done thing. It’s many phone calls, many emails, many meetings, sometimes over the course of years.”

While Stacey’s gift for connecting with people has remained constant, she’s seen tremendous change in her field, and in the firm.

“Law never stays static. It’s like a waterfall.”

Naturally, the technological changes have been considerable. But remaining up to date in the legal industry has been just as challenging. Paralegal work is best suited for life-long learners, and Stacey fortunately is one.

“The firm is really proactive in ensuring that not just lawyers are doing continuing education. I take courses every quarter. It can be overwhelming to get the reading done when you’re busy. But I enjoy learning; you can’t stay stagnant in this profession!”

Humility and openness are also essential for a career as enduring as Stacey’s. For example, she’s always happy to learn from the younger staff who might be coming in with a bit more “computer savvy”.

“I’m always saying, ‘If you have a better, quicker, more organized way to do something, teach me!’”

In addition to the Estate paralegal who’s always there to pick up the phone, Stacey is known as an extraordinary MacLG ambassador.

“I’ll be at the store with my pregnant daughter getting her registry set up…I’ll be at the sauna…everywhere I go, I’m asking people, ‘Have you had your will done yet?’”

In the time that remains for Stacey at MacCallum, she says her intention is to leave her work in a seamlessly organized condition so that, “if Allen ever lets me out the door, I’m not leaving the firm in upheaval.”

We know what to expect from Stacey on that front. Everything will be immaculate. And what she’s invested into the firm over the years will continue to reap dividends for MacLG clients. She’s a part of our culture—for good. Here’s to you, Stacey.