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Keeping It Local – What Makes Our Hockey Tradition Special

During the winter season, ask anyone in our clan where our partners  Allen and Matt are on a Friday morning, and their response will be […]

Celebrating Stacey Gallie: Twenty years of accuracy, compassion, and presence

It’s not that uncommon for MacLG clients to have long gaps between the times they need our services—especially estate, probate, and elder care clients. And […]

Keeping It Local – Serving Our Community with Passion

‘We keep it local – serving our community with passion’ This statement isn’t just a title, it’s one of our four guiding firm principles. What […]

From the creative young minds of local Langley kids

The Langley Advance Times ‘Design an Ad’ feature is a special collaboration between the local media outlet and elementary schools across Langley. The feature is […]

How our building represents our family, firm, and Langley history

Every day that we spend in our building on 197 Street, we connect with our firm, family, and Langley history—which, at MacCallum Law Group, is […]

Congratulations on Retirement Wendy!

“I have experienced so many special moments, memories that I will cherish and remember. As I leave, I know I have gained so many friendships […]

Thrive and Survive Spring Break: Advice From our Firm’s Working Parents

Work hard? Have a family? Oh, we get it—believe us, we do! Life is stressful. The kids aren’t the only ones that need a break. […]

Margarita Musings on International Women’s Day

To celebrate Women’s Day, our entire MacCallum Law Group clan were treated to a delicious lunch from Hugo’s Mexican Kitchen and a few socially distant […]

Congratulations Valerie on Retirement!

With over 15 years of service with MacCallum Law Group, the retirement of Valerie Kidwell was a special moment for our firm to recognize at […]

Spreading the love, one card at a time.

History Sophie will never forget her first experience of working in Canada on Valentine’s Day. At the time in a business development role, she remembers […]

All in the Family

When we say MacCallum is a family firm, we really mean it. We’re talking “dad, son, and daughter-in-law” type family firm. If there’s one thing […]