Helpful Guide to Estate Planning

Does your current estate plan really have your bases covered?

Take this quiz to figure out in ten minutes or less whether the estate planning you’ve already done actually has all of your bases covered. A thorough, thoughtful estate plan—which includes important arrangements as well as a signed will—protects your family and your legacy. It’s beyond worthwhile to get all the details right.

    Based on your answers, a conversation with our Estate Planning team will be helpful. For insight into how we can create a stress-free, rock-solid estate plan together – see our roadmap below.
    Good news: you’re definitely well prepared! We’re glad you have a good handle on your estate planning. If you ever need support to alter your will or create new arrangements, we’d be so happy to help. Reach out at 604-546-6345 or

    I love helping people through a difficult time either with planning for when they are gone, or helping those left behind when someone close to them passes away.

    - Stacey Gallie

    Not every profession gets the opportunity to engage with at least three generations of a family in one day. Helping families with inter-generational planning is a privilege & a unique dynamic to wills and estates.

    - Allen MacCallum

    A Roadmap for Estate Planning Peace of Mind

    Creating an estate plan, including a will, doesn’t need to be complicated, time-consuming, or stressful. Our caring estate planning team members will help you cover all of your bases with a simple, supportive process. In the end, you’ll know you did exactly what you needed to do to take care of your family and your legacy. It starts with a phone call, and ends with profound peace of mind.



    Schedule your
    consultation and
    receive our
    Wills Worksheet.



    We’ll discuss your
    worksheet, prepare
    notes, give advice,
    and answer any



    Our team will
    create your
    documents for
    your estate plan.



    We’ll send you
    a copy to ensure
    your information
    is correct.



    When you’re confident with your plan, we’ll make it official

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