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Axel & Bow MacCallum


Axel has been our resident office dog for a decade since immigrating from New Zealand with owners Matt and Sophie MacCallum. He’s a Black Lab who is always ready to snooze in the sun or inspect freshly purchased groceries. In 2022, his new trainee, Bow MacCallum, a five-year-old Black Lab, is learning the ropes from the veteran Axel. Bow loves spending time around the office, meeting and socializing with colleagues and clients.

In 2021, MacCallum Law Group welcomed an additional “greeter-in-training”, Ginger MacCallum. For eight months, this black Labrador puppy was Axel’s sidekick in greeting clients, boosting team morale, and acting as mascots at firm events. Sadly, due to a tragic accident, Ginger passed away in March 2022. While our clan grieved the loss of one our beloved colleagues, owners Matt and Sophie were given the opportunity to be a forever home for Ginger’s mom, Bow.

Nowadays, Bow and Axel are the dream black Labrador greeting team. They are famous for escaping Mum’s office in search of friends and snacks. They love boat rides on the lake and marshmallows by the fire. They love spending quality time with their family, colleagues, and clients.

To request Axel and Bow at your meeting, please call 604.546.6345.