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Axel & Bow MacCallum


In April 2024, our MacLG clan lost one of our original clan members, our OG Greeter, Axel MacCallum. Our office hallways are not the same without his joyful arrival and good morning routine at the start of each work day. Axel lived a phenomenal life and immigrated from New Zealand with owners Matt and Sophie MacCallum back in 2013. He visited our law firm in his very first week in BC, and to his final day, it truly was one of his happy places. For over a decade, Axel brought joy, love and humor to mundane office days and stressful meetings for clients. In 2022, we welcomed a new addition to our greeting team, Bow MacCallum, a five-year-old Black Lab. Today, Bow carries on Axel’s legacy and loves spending time around our office, meeting and socializing with colleagues and clients.

Over the years, you may have met a black lab or two in our office lobby. Next to our Partners Allen and Matt MacCallum, our OG Greeter, Axel MacCallum was one of our longest serving employees since joining the firm in 2013.

In 2021, MacCallum Law Group welcomed an additional “greeter-in-training”, Ginger MacCallum. For eight months, this black Labrador puppy was Axel’s sidekick in greeting clients, boosting team morale, and acting as mascots at firm events. Sadly, due to a tragic accident, Ginger passed away in March 2022. While our clan grieved the loss of one our beloved colleagues, owners Matt and Sophie were given the opportunity to be a forever home for Ginger’s mom, Bow.

Prior to her days at MacLG, Bow served her literal ‘working dog’ years on one of our corporate client’s ranches in Kamloops, BC. From delivering exceptional experiences for clients on pheasant hunting trips season after season to raising multiple litters bringing life to several generations of exceptional hunting dogs, Bow was a trailblazer with a busy schedule and a big heart.

From 2022-2024, Bow and Axel were our dream black Labrador greeting team. Famous for escaping Mum’s office in search of friends and snacks, Axel showed Bow the ropes on how to enjoy her retirement and savour the great responsibilities and perks of life as an law firm office and family dog. 

Nowadays, Bow and our clan are adjusting to the loss of our beloved colleague Axel, and more now than ever, Bow loves spending quality time with her family and colleagues, and sharing the love with clients and visitors. 

To request Bow at your meeting, please call 604.546.6345.