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Jeanette Riel

Legal Assistant


As a Legal Assistant with over 27 years of experience in the Vancouver legal industry, Jeanette brings a wealth of knowledge to our Corporate and Commercial team. Her extensive background spans securities, trademarks, patents and intellectual property, corporate law, and commercial real estate. She has worked closely with Q.C. Senior Partners with demanding practices, never faltering in her incredible capacity for providing support, insight, and expertise.

Practice Areas:

  • Corporate
  • Commercial
  • Commercial Lending

Jeanette is one of the super-moms at our firm, balancing a career with a busy household of growing boys. She lives for that half-cup of coffee she manages to get down before the chaos of everyone else waking up kicks in. Her life away from the office is full of “dog walks and kid functions”. She describes the culture at MacCallum Law Group—one that she tries to contribute to every day—as “meeting client’s needs professionally with a personal touch”. She definitely pulls that off.

To connect with Jeanette, please contact 604.530.7329.