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Sasha Poirier


Sasha is a Paralegal with the Estates team at MacCallum Law Group. Since she joined the firm in 2023, she’s enriched it with a knack for streamlining that she’s demonstrated throughout her legal career. When she sees a way to process files faster and save time and money for clients, she does what it takes to get there. In the past, this has meant collaborating with IT to create new software solutions. If that wasn’t amazing enough, she brings her wonderful dog, Gigi, to work every day, helping MacCallum to be the most canine-forward firm in town.

Like so many other Lower Mainland people working in our office, Sasha lives for the outdoor activities: camping, hiking, paddle-boarding, you name it. She’s also a fiercely creative individual who likes to spend her free time “making things pretty”. Bring her an old piece of furniture and she’ll turn it into a work of art. At all times, she’s inspired by her mission of bringing peace of mind to people who are struggling—that’s what makes Estates such a good fit for her.