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Shannon Carpenter

Designated Paralegal


With close to 30 years of experience working with large and small law firms, Shannon is an exceptionally knowledgeable Designated Paralegal and Team-Lead for Corporate and Commercial. Originally working in securities and corporate law, Shannon has a tremendous capacity for learning, analysis, and precision. As a leader, she models a forward-thinking, caring and innovative approach, inspiring the entire team to provide leading-edge service within a fast-moving sector.

Practice Areas:

  • Corporate
  • Commercial
  • Commissioner for Taking Affidavits

Shannon is that kind of super-mom who races from the office to her boys’ sports games, switching up heels for sneakers. She loves her community of Brookswood but also never passes up the opportunity to visit the Okanagan, with its wineries, lakes, and campfires. She has the biggest smile, the warmest heart, and the fastest recall for Office Space quotes. Her cat Gus meowing for treats is usually the first thing she hears in the morning.

To connect with Shannon, please contact 604.546.0367.