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Shelley Streifel

Legal Assistant


Shelley is a Legal Assistant at MacCallum Law Group who joined the Real Estate team in the summer of 2022. She’s a highly experienced legal conveyancer with a comprehensive understanding of both the residential and commercial sides of her specialty. With an intuitive feel for what clients need and a delightful sense of humor, she’s the ideal representative our clan culture. Plus, if any of the office dogs escape their offices, you can bet you’re going to discover some waggy tails poking out of Shelley’s door.

Practice Areas:

  • Residential
  • Estate Conveyancing
  • Commercial
  • Lending

Shelley lives in Brookswood with her family and doggies. She brings some of that special energy from her homelife to the office in the form of her daughter’s artwork. Sometimes, on pro-d days, we even get her daughter, who hangs out in the “girls only” office with other “office daughters”. Working alongside her close friends in conveyancing, she’s got a seemingly bottomless capacity for cracking a joke while getting the job done.