Stacey Gallie

Designated Paralegal


Stacey has been with MacCallum Law Group since 2001. Working in law firms since 1984, she has collected an incredible depth of knowledge about everything from wills to commercial financing. She’s a Designated Paralegal and Team-Lead and for the Wills & Estates team and has coordinated transfer of will records from our past mergers.

Practice Areas:

  • Probate
  • Estate Administration
  • Elder Care
  • Estate Planning
  • Commissioner for Taking Affidavits

Outside of the office, Stacey stays active by walking, hiking, biking, or kayaking no matter what the weather’s like (she’s an “all-weather kinda gal”). At home, she likes to garden and bake, and her alarm clock is her granddaughter coming upstairs for breakfast. She and her husband support a Division 1 Women’s soccer team—a team which neither of their two children play on—and spend part of their Sundays on the field. Having been through so many of the same experiences as her clients, it’s never a stretch to put herself in their shoes.

To connect with Stacey, please contact 604.546.0363.