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Tasha Lemyre

Legal Assistant


Tasha Lemyre has been a Legal Assistant at MacCallum Law Group’s Corporate team since 2023. Providing a superb level support to senior paralegals and lawyers serving corporate clients keeps her busy and fulfilled. She’s the usually the first person our corporate clients make contact with and the reason why our 900+ corporate records stay in immaculate order.

Practice Areas:

  • Corporate
  • Record Keeping
  • Client Relations


  • Legal Administrative Assistant Certificate from Douglas College
  • Diploma in Marketing Management and Event Planning from BCIT

Tasha is one of our super-moms; an individual who excels at work while still getting her kids to every hockey, cheer, and golf related event. She is inspired by the goals and dreams that she and her family have; it makes the future feel happy and hopeful. She lives her life by “constant checklists” and a will to treat each person the way she would like to be treated.