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Mortgage Investment Corporations

A mortgage investment corporation lends funds for mostly residential mortgages. An investor can invest in a secured and diversified pool of mortgages. Satisfying the precise legal requirements and compliance issues around establishing or operating a mortgage investment corporation is anything but simple. That’s where our thirty years plus of experience becomes invaluable.

Here are just some of the ways we can help:

  • Access to our Expansive Network of Auditors, Accountants, Securities Lawyers and Financial Planners
  • Advice Relating to Corporate Organization & Structure of a MIC
  • Advice Relating to Lending Practices & Policies
  • Incorporation of MIC and MIC Management Corporations
  • Foreclosures
  • Liaise with Trustees and Investment Advisors
  • Preparation of Information Booklets
  • Preparation of Management and Shareholders Agreements
  • Preparation of Mortgages and All Ancillary Documentation
  • Treasury Matters and Share Issuance
  • Lending transactions relating to the business of the MIC
To connect with our MIC team, please contact 604.546.0367 or email [email protected],

Your Mortgage Investment Corporations Team:

Allen MacCallum


Matt MacCallum


Gurpreet Rai


Shannon Carpenter

Designated Paralegal