Mortgage Investment Corporations

A mortgage investment corporation is an outstanding way for smaller investors to leverage into a dynamic residential real estate market. Because we understood this over thirty years ago, today we are one of the most experienced law firms acting for and establishing mortgage investment corporations in the region.

A mortgage investment corporation lends funds for mostly residential mortgages. An investor can invest in a secured and diversified pool of mortgages. Although buying into one is relatively low risk, satisfying the precise legal requirements and compliance issues around establishing or operating a mortgage investment corporation is anything but simple. That’s where our thirty years plus of experience becomes invaluable.

Here are just some of the ways we can help:

  • Access to our Expansive Network of Auditors, Accountants, Securities Lawyers and Financial Planners
  • Advice Relating to Corporate Organization & Structure of a MIC
  • Advice Relating to Lending Practices & Policies
  • Incorporation of MIC and MIC Management Corporations
  • Foreclosures
  • Liaise with Trustees and Investment Advisors
  • Preparation of Information Booklets
  • Preparation of Management and Shareholders Agreements
  • Preparation of Mortgages and All Ancillary Documentation
  • Treasury Matters and Share Issuance
  • Lending transactions relating to the business of the MIC

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