Allen MacCallum
Allen MacCallumLawyer
Allen has a creative approach to problem-solving, and a talent for building long-lasting relationships with clients...
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Matt MacCallum
Matt MacCallumLawyer
I love seeing ‘the deal’ come together. It’s usually smiles all around for both parties and that’s the kind...
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Having kids and living in Langley, I’m proud of our firm’s family values and supporting our local communities.

We love hearing: ‘That was easy’ or ‘That was fun.’ Clients often have a more positive experience with us than they have at other firms in the past.

Ewan MacLeod
Ewan MacLeodLawyer
I am passionate about learning what clients want or what their problems are and working with them to achieve their...
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Rocky Kim
Rocky KimArticled Student
Along with continuously learning from the team, I spend my time researching legal advances to assist in our growth...
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Stacey Gallie
Stacey GallieDesignated Paralegal
Caring, compassionate, and competent. These are the qualities that allow me to help clients in difficult situations
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As a quintessential office dog, he’s on the greeting team, the security team, and clean-up crew!
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Kelly Guiotto
Kelly GuiottoDesignated Paralegal
On the rare occasion Kelly is not in the office, she’s shipping her kids off to hockey games or dance competitions.
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Kiran Aujla
Kiran AujlaDesignated Paralegal
I understand my work thoroughly but I still love to keep learning.
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Katie Hooge
Katie HoogeDesignated Paralegal
I build relationships with clients that allow them to have full trust in me. I personalize the way I communicate with...
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Everyone is contributing to make this firm strong.

When a client refers a family member or friend to us, it makes all of our diligent effort worth it to know that we provided a valued service and that we have built a trusted relationship.

Sophie MacCallum
Sophie MacCallumGeneral Manager
As GM, I take the lead in bringing our firm’s ideas to life and building a solid internal infrastructure to support...
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Preet Bath
Preet BathAccounting Manager
I come from a large, close family. Working at a place that emphasizes family allows us to be that much more relatable...
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Sam Diakow
Sam DiakowAdministration Manager
I strive to ensure our team has all the tools they need for success, and we work together to serve our clients.
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Ginger Greeter
As a quintessential office puppy in training, she’s on the greeting team, the shredding team, and clean-up crew!
Shannon Carpenter
Shannon CarpenterLegal Assistant
My goal is to make sure our clients feel heard and understood so they know they matter to us.
Lan Liu
Lan LiuLegal Assistant
I express my passion for work in every conversation with a client, every document I prepare, and every email I draft.
Taylor Wray
Taylor WrayLegal Assistant
My family owns their own business, so I understand the importance of having a strong team of professionals always there to help.
Cayla Bossert
Cayla BossertLegal Assistant
I listen to clients’ needs and use the considerable resources of our firm to help them meet their goals.

We build relationships with our clients that allow them to have full trust in us. We personalize the way we connect with them.

We love hearing: ‘That was easy’ or ‘That was fun.’ Clients often have a more positive experience with us than they have at other firms in the past.

Leisa Baez
Leisa BaezLegal Assistant
My greatest passion at work is helping clients get into their new homes as smoothly as possible.
Manju Gandhi
Manju GandhiLegal Assistant
I’m all about positivity and support, always there to help our team manage our workload and go the extra mile for our valued clients.
Linda Roll
Linda RollLegal Assistant

Sam Lockwood
Sam LockwoodLegal Assistant

Derian Domitruk
Derian DomitrukOffice Assistant
My knowledge of active listening, communication, and interpersonal skills help me further excel at what I love doing most at my job.
Joanne Zanusso
Joanne ZanussoAccounting Support
I love an accounting puzzle. It is very satisfying to bring our firm through a monthly cycle and have everything balance.
Ashwin Nair
Ashwin NairAccounting Support

Saveen Bains
Saveen BainsAccounting Assistant
Coming from a large family has taught me to be more adaptive to change which has been a great asset in meeting the needs of our team.
Chanishta Ramhotar
Chanishta RamhotarOffice Assistant
I’m always open to learning new skills that can help me better serve our team and clients.
Jasleen Bal
Jasleen BalOffice Assistant
I take great pride in making sure our clients are truly satisfied with the service we deliver.
Anuraj Gill
Anuraj GillMarketing Assistant
I enjoy interacting with clients and ensuring their visits to our office are pleasant from start to finish.
Giovanna Almeida
Giovanna AlmeidaFiling Assistant
What I enjoy most about my role is working as a team to provide the best service to our clients.

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