Sophie MacCallum

Sophie is MacCallum Law Group’s General Manager. Originally from New Zealand, where she met her husband and MacCallum lawyer Matt MacCallum, she originally consulted with the firm in 2013. Over the years, Sophie’s portfolio has evolved to include administration, IT, systems, branding, and human resources. Today, she holds a senior leadership role alongside her husband and father-in-law. She’s tremendously invested in pushing MacCallum’s evolution forward. She loves thinking beyond the status quo, working collaboratively, and delivering meaningful results.

Support Areas

  • Management
  • Branding
  • Human Resources
  • IT and Systems
  • Events
  • Sponsorship

Professional Activities

  • Board Secretary, Fort Langley Child Care Society
  • Outreach Volunteer Langley Senior Resource Centre

To make an appointment with Sophie please contact 604.546.6345

Recently described by a local café as either fully corporate or covered with kids when she comes in, Sophie has her hands full balancing both worlds. With three kids under the age of 5, her happy place is keeping it simple and being outside in the fresh air, preferably with sunshine. Since moving to Canada in 2014, the Fort Langley village and trails are the MacCallum clan’s favourite stomping grounds. If you see them out and about, don’t hesitate to say hello.