Since the 1970s, we’ve been creating caring, neighbourly relationships.

When our founder and Principal Allen MacCallum started his career as a lawyer, Langley was that quintessential small farming town. As Allen created the partnership that evolved into the MacCallum Law Group LLP, our community grew by strides. But with every decade, the relationships that made our firm what it is today remained strong and real—the way small-town, no-nonsense friendships often are.

What was once a small but dedicated group led solely by Allen is now a firm comprised of a father and son partnership, strategic management team and expanding legal teams offering a full menu of legal solutions. Over time, we have acquired tremendous expertise and an invaluable network, meaning we have what it takes to address your legal issues efficiently and effectively. But although our approach to law is sophisticated, our approach to helping clients is comfortable, kind-hearted, and—dare we say—fun. Hence, the dogs-and-kids-allowed policy. Hence, the bagpipes to celebrate every occasion. Hence, the coffee-with-neighbours feel of our office.

After all, we have that small-town DNA and we’re never getting rid of it. Nor would we want to.

Our Values

Like family, we stick with each other and with our clients, guided by principles that are bigger than us. There’s no point unless you’re making real friends, bring on the good times, life is hard sometimes—let’s make it lighter. We stand by the work we do with 100% confidence, doing everything necessary to be worthy of our clients’ trust, we insist on giving our clients the best.

Our Principles

We work as a team, sharing our knowledge and connections, always bring our A game; that’s what gets results. We keep it local, serving our community with passion, our clients are our business—we never forget why we’re working so hard.

My, how we’ve grown!

The Mergers & Acquisitions that helped us become what we are

We’re incredibly fortunate to have connected with many clients as a result of their law firms merging with MacCallum Law Group. These clients and the firms that once served them have helped us evolve our offerings and mature our culture. They’ve made us better and we’re grateful for that.

The firms we’ve welcomed aboard

Bryenton and Associates, Langley, in 2012

Severide, Staplin, Gamlin LLP, Langley, in 2017

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