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Our Clan

What “clan” means to us

We say MacCallum Law Group is a clan. And yes, of course, the Scottish heritage of our founders has a lot to do with that. But “clan” has come to mean something more.

It means we’re not just colleagues here. We’re a whole network of families and unique individuals. Our spouses, our children, our pets, our families, and our friends are all part of it. So are the clients, business partners, contractors, and suppliers we’ve nurtured beautiful, long-standing relationships with.

When you’re part of the clan, you know it—and you like it!

We make a tradition out of having fun

Creating an authentically enjoyable experience for our clients means everything to us. And we’re able to do it because we actually have fun ourselves at work. We love the way our quirky, family-oriented, warm-hearted culture makes Langley’s legal scene more fun and friendly.

We’re big on tradition here. But we make a tradition out of having a great time.

It’s why, throughout the year, we have our Clan Tournament, complete with seasonal games, “flair days”, tartans—the whole Scottish shebang. It’s why Allen, our founder, has been playing hockey every Friday morning with a group of business partners, clients, and his two sons for over 36 years. It’s why our Call to the Bar ceremony features bagpipes. It’s why we have wine and cheese every month. It’s why we do up Halloween in a big way—kids welcomed. It’s why we make our spring fundraiser for Salvation of Hope an annual spring break roller-skating event. It’s why we are a Principal Sponsor of the Fort Langley Jazz and Arts Festival.

We like to think we work well together because we play together just as well. After all, isn’t that the sort of thing that gets us all through, helping us to endure what’s hard and celebrate what’s good?