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Our History

Where we’ve come from

At this point, we’ve been part of Langley’s legal community for over 40 years. Here’s how we got here.

When our founder and principal Allen MacCallum started his career as a lawyer, Langley was that quintessential small farming town. Allen had decided to move out west at a young age after a family tragedy in Thunder Bay, Ontario, where he grew up. In British Columbia he found his wife, Evie, and a purpose: serving people in his new community through the law.

As Allen created the partnership that evolved into MacCallum Law Group LLP, our community grew by strides. We built our office in the nineties and watched our neighborhood of Willowbrook transform over the years. We connected with many new clients as we acquired the firms Bryenton and Associates and Severide, Staplin, Gamlin LLP. Allen’s son Matt joined up, making it a bona fide family firm. Recently, we even began offering remote legal services to underserved people in Haida Gwaii.

With every decade, the relationships that made our firm what it is today remained strong and real—the way small-town, no-nonsense friendships often are.

Where we are today

As Langley continues to grow, so do we. A firm that was once mainly associated with Allen is close to 30 professionals strong, with an emphasis on succession and young, emerging talent. A firm that was once a full-service organization is a dedicated solicitors’ practice focused on the transactions that matter the most to families and businesses.

We know who we are. We’re here to offer a rare depth of service, not open up more offices. We don’t compete for reach; we work hard to build the longest, most supportive relationships. We’re here for clients. We’re here for you.