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Keeping It Local – Serving Our Community with Passion

Posted on 17.05.2021

We keep it local – serving our community with passion’

This statement isn’t just a title, it’s one of our four guiding firm principles.

What we value about this principle is that it gets to the heart of who we are. We’re not just a bunch of stellar legal professionals. We are passionate community members, and for majority of our group, Langley is our home.

With that comes a mindset, as a proudly local and family run small business, we wholeheartedly believe in helping local business owners across the communities of Langley succeed.  The success of Langley doesn’t just benefit our bottom line- it benefits our clients and employees and their families, and our shared success builds a brighter future for our future generations.

Just like any other small business, we also appreciate the journey is not always easy. Particularly over the last year. While everyone has felt the shockwaves of the COVID-19 pandemic, no one is reeling more than local business owners. More now than ever, local businesses need our support.

Last month, our ‘A Strong Foundation’ blog post celebrated our firm, family, and Langley history as we reflected on the past, present and future of our building built in the 1990’s. Inspired by the growth and development flourishing in the surrounding areas since, and the challenges resulting from the pandemic, we felt the time was now to share our ‘Keeping It Local’ series.

Keeping It Local is dedicated to helping local businesses by sharing our stories and connections. Small actions can have a positive impact, and by working together – we don’t just have the power to help one member or business– we have the potential help the present and the future of our entire local community.

Part One of our Keeping It Local series begins here in our backyard showcasing our ever growing and iconic neighbourhood lunch spots around Willowbrook. Lunch is something we believe everyone has in common. To celebrate our first series, and the benefits of taking break during the day, we’ve getting our firm clan in on the fun and action too.

Mackenna MacCallum, aged 4, drew the names of eight lucky team members who will receive a lunch of their choice from one of the spots we feature in our Part One Series. Lunch is treated by the Marketing Team – with just one condition – ‘share with us what you enjoyed the most, and say hello & happy spring” (okay two conditions). We can’t wait for the tasty tales while also introducing eight of our amazing team members.

While eating in at these places is still off the cards, here in our local neighbourhood, we’re spoiled for choice with takeout to enjoy, great patios to use and a smorgasbord of local businesses to choose from – Part One has shaped up to be an entertaining series –  stay tuned for our first eight local business features coming soon!

As for our future series – already in the works – we’ve been exploring and connecting with local businesses all over Langley,  and have more than just lunch spots up our sleeves. We look forward to sharing our next series soon.

Until then, happy lunching!