Estate Planning

An estate is about so much more than just money. It represents the hard work of family or team members, often over generations. It represents the care that people take to protect and provide for one another.

We’re here to help individuals, families, and companies with the often-difficult work of estate planning and elder care planning. Setting up affairs, protecting assets, succession and tax planning, establishing power of attorney, creating long-term wealth transfer strategies—all of this adds up to complex and significant work. We know what these decisions truly represent, and that fuels our conscientious, knowledgeable, and supportive approach.

Here are just some of the ways we can help:

  • Will Preparation
  • Wealth Preservation and Protection
  • Family and Business Succession Planning
  • Retirement Compensation Arrangements
  • Creation of Testamentary and Disability Trusts
  • Creation of Family and Inter Vivos Trusts
  • Creation of Alter Ego and Joint Partner Trusts
  • Probate Fee Planning
  • Preparation of Powers of Attorney
  • Preparation of Committee Applications
  • Preparation of Representation Agreements
  • Advice related to altering, transferring and maintaining Estate Planning Documents

Your Estate Planning Team

Allen MacCallum
Stacey Gallie
Linda Roll

Samantha Lockwood

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