Real Estate / Land Law

In a world of dynamic markets, the real estate market stands alone, both for its promise and its perils. We are a progressive, informed, and thoroughly experienced real estate law partner to individuals, companies, developers, and lenders alike in Langley and beyond.

In a fast-moving and ever-evolving space like real estate and land law, you need a progressive, flexible, and client-centric approach. We offer this, and it’s made us a preferred legal partner for the region’s most innovative, forward-looking credit unions and institutions, as well as developers seeking creative solutions. Above all, we are a firm that will help companies and individuals to understand the process.

Residential Real Estate:

  • Preparation of purchase and sale agreements
  • Residential conveyancing
  • Contract review
  • Financing
  • Land development
  • Zoning and rezoning
  • Strata matters
  • Mortgage review and preparation
  • Advice on manufactured homes and indigenous lands

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  • Mortgage Investment Corporations (Corporate Matters and Lending)
  • Retail Lending for Mortgage Investment Corporations, Credit Unions, Banks and Private Lenders
  • Commercial lending
  • Extra provincial transactions

Commercial Real Estate:

  • Preparation of purchase and sale agreements
  • Commercial conveyancing
  • Commercial financing and banking
  • Commercial lease preparation
  • Advice for commercial landlords

We also offer advice related to real estate investments such as joint venture development projects, joint ownership agreements and partnership structures working closely with you’re your most trusted advisors.

Your Real Estate/ Land Law Team:

Allen MacCallum
Matt MacCallum
Kelly Guiotto
Manju Gandhi

Leisa Baez

Gagandeep Thiara