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Thrive and Survive Spring Break: Advice From our Firm’s Working Parents

Thrive and Survive Spring Break: Advice From our Firm’s Working Parents

Posted on 15.03.2021

Work hard? Have a family? Oh, we get it—believe us, we do! Life is stressful. The kids aren’t the only ones that need a break. And Spring Break, particularly with young kids, can be a tricky balancing act at the best of times, let alone during this pandemic.

As we all collectively prepare for Spring Break, we wanted to pass on some strategies for making the “vacation” as painless and fun as possible. After all, we’re in the same boat as you. Sometimes it’s a pleasure cruise, sometimes it’s…a shipwreck. Here’s some good advice for keeping your vessel sea-worthy.

Stay local. Explore your local community.

Dr. Bonnie Henry has encouraged families to enjoy their community and stay local.

“Find ways to go explore in your neighbourhood. Find ways to go to a park with some friends, to connect in ways that aren’t going to make things difficult.”

“But then focus again when you’re back indoors on the things we know will prevent spread … remember, if we’re not feeling well, stay home.”

“Don’t go from a place of high risk to a place of low risk. Focus on small, staying with your family and doing day trips. There are many things we can do in day trips.”

Our best Spring Break strategies 

“Get outside, rain or shine. Run, play, be active. Let the kids decide activities for the family. Sometimes it’s good to show them their ideas are important.”

“Keep busy. This is the best time to be together and enjoy outdoor activities. Do some baking. Try a spring clean-up.”

“Try and make it a holiday for yourself too. Be adventurous and do what you remember doing as a kid.”

“I used to travel with my kids to give everyone a break. During the pandemic, just spend time outdoors and visit the ocean!”

“Walk, watch movies, and do creative things with the kids.”

Make it a holiday for everyone

Making Spring Break a break for everyone isn’t easy, especially if you’re working. We all have to do our part to keep our families and communities safe during the pandemic. Let’s be responsible, patient, and creative these next couple of weeks. Hang in there with us. We’ll be sharing more ideas for not only surviving, but thriving all throughout the break. Because maybe, just maybe, the fun your kids will have can rub off on you. It’s easier to catch the spirit if you plan to make this time count for your family. Enjoy the season changing. Take as much time as you can to soak it in. You can do it!

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